Empires conquer empires, this is the way it is.

If there is anything you need to know about the world, this is it.

Evil is not natural but still as transient as time itself. Just like the fox in the hen house, there is no doubt.

Who is ignorant enough to think they can sway the forces that be, the forces that control you and me? The beggar and seeker or the ill in mind who have been convinced their body is king, the ones who speak but never utter anything worthwhile to repeat.

These are the times, our lives wrapped in lies.

Lost in spirit and poor in soul with no fortitude, unwilling to hear it.

Despair comes and it goes. Like waves on the beach, in time it flows, waxing only to wane away before realizing the grains of sand were never meant to stay.

It is more to me to be simply just me.

Nothing outside with nothing to hide, my way in life is to simply not try.

What’s more natural than not trying? Does life not survive only to just die?

The seasons come and go. So go.

But first always know. Yes, there is some hope. But I won’t spoil the plot, the cream of the crop, I’ll give you a hint and it’s not what you thought.

I don’t know.

Creative Writing Experiment